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LSE Athletics & Running group

Kitesurf and Wakeboard

Do you like the sense of glide ? Look no further! Free beginners' courses, equipment and trips for riders of all levels. New members welcome all year round. Join us today!

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We are a club dedicated to the water sports of kitesurfing and wakeboarding. You are probably thinking how on earth can you possibly take part in these activities in the centre of a city but in fact it is a lot easier than first thought. We are able to wakeboard in Royal Victoria Dock (a 25 min train journey) and kite surf in Kent (an hour or so by train) so there is plenty of opportunity to get involved and get in the water! We are a fully inclusive club so whether you are a beginner or experienced, fresher or postgrad, there will always be a place for you in our weekly activities and trips. These include going on weekdays to wakeboard and weekend trips to kite surf. We also are a very social society so with us you will be attending zoo every week and carol in MT, making the most of LSE’s social scene.

What most people don’t realise is how exhilarating the two sports are, bouncing over waves at high speed while trying to control a kite and your board can really get your heart beating. This can provide a needed break from the academic stress of university and you will have a laugh doing it. Now is the time to try new things so sign up today and we guarantee you will have a good time.

In this new era of coronavirus, it may be hard for other sports to be played but we are still offering the full experience as kitesurfing and wakeboarding can still take place under SU guidelines. Therefore, Covid is not something you need not worry about if you join this club.

So, don’t make the wrong decision. Sign up for a social life, Sign up for a fun sport, sign up for Kitesurf and Wakeboard club!


Due to the exclusivity of the sports, it can end up being very expensive (£100 for a single kite surf lesson!). However, for just £39 (full membership fee) you will have the chance to take 2 free lessons in wakeboarding and 1 free lesson in kitesurfing which would normally cost you around £150. Along with this you will have access to £9000 worth of equipment, large discounts on every session you do after your free ones and will be invited to all social events we hold. On the other hand, if you are just interested in the social side of our club then you can purchase a social membership for £9. This will mean you can still be involved in the club but will not be offered any free sessions.

Events and Activities

In October you will have the chance to take part in a number of Wakeboard sessions that will usually be occurring on Wednesday afternoons and a couple of kitesurfing trips on the weekends. Then from March, for the whole of summer term we will be doing many trips during the week to wakeboard and day trips to kite surf in the sun!

Along with this we will be having weekly socials varying from film nights to club nights so there is something for everyone to attend.

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