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Welcome to LSESU Yoga! - the best place on campus to practice Yoga and Mindfulness in an inclusive, warm and safe space, with sessions led by professional instructors. We can't wait to see you :)


Welcome to Yoga Soc! Our society is a big family of Yogis, practising yoga and mindfulness in a non-judgemental environment.

Every week, we hold in-person Yoga sessions free for our members on campus. These sessions vary from Vinyasa flows to more intense power yoga to relaxing meditative practice (sometimes a lot of variation within a session!) - whatever style you would like to try or prefer, there will be something for you! We welcome everyone with all abilities and experience - whether you're a practiced Yogi or have never done Yoga :)

We also organise regular socials and collaborations with other societies, all of which are centred around mindfulness, well-being & relaxation. Keep an eye on our social media channels to find out more!

LSESU's Yoga Society are committed to cultivating an inclusive environment where our members can de-stress and work on their yoga practice in a safe, open, and accessible way.

With loads of fundraising, society collaborations, and campaigning planned, there’s no way you’ll miss us! We can’t wait for you to give it a go and join in.


Our yearly membership is £30. This gives you free and unlimited access (subject to ticket availability) to every yoga session over the academic year - no hidden costs. Your £15/ term allows us to: pay our dedicated, highly qualified, and experienced instructors; provide good quality equipment (brand new for this year!) and book the best facilities for our sessions.

With amazing instructors, equipment & socials, where you can meet like-minded individuals to chill with, this is a great deal! Our classes accommodate a range of yoga styles so be sure to purchase your membership to not miss out!

Events and Activities

We hold 5 - 6 yoga sessions a week, led by qualified and experienced instructors. Check our social media channels or join our mailing list to see our weekly schedule! This year we will be offering our members a packed events calendar, where all our members can come together to enjoy a range of mindfulness activities.

We are also working on collaborations with sports and cause societies to make sure more people feel the benefits of yoga practice and give others at LSE the opportunity to get involved with the best society on campus!! 

Contact Us

Yoga Committee is really excited to welcome new members and answer any questions you might have! Send us a DM on Instagram or Facebook or an Email if you have any questions!

Our Give It a Go group chat is now live!: