Election Crowd

LSESU Lent Term Elections 2017


Lent Term Election 2017 Candidates



General Secretary


Mahatir Pasha



Go Go Pasha Ranger!



I stand for **LIBERATION**, a quality **EDUCATION** and the **WELFARE** of students. Having served as Council member, BME Officer, UGM Chair, Beaver News Editor and committee member for three societies, I have benefitted so much from our union. I want every LSE student to benefit too.



  • * Promote SU presence, increase engagement, especially from **POSTGRADS**
  • * Set up** LSESU Pro:**
  • * Students can utilise for campaigns and educational/professional development
  • * Provide further support for societies with information and finances
  • * **UGMs**: better engagement and increase turnout


  • * **BETTER TEACHING:** increase pay and preparation for GTAs
  • * **EXAM FEEDBACK** and **LECTURE CAPTURE** for all modules
  • * **TEF**: Fight against fee rises


  • * **SOCIAL MOBILITY:** smooth integration of officer into SU
  • * Better representation in School leadership
  • * More **BME** academics
  • * Coordination of anti-harassment and sexual assault policies


  • * Promote **SELF-CARE:** cooking classes, yoga, sports sessions, better counselling services
  • * **DISABLED STUDENTS:** new development must be accessible, earlier release of timetables, stronger focus on mental health
  • * **INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS:** assistance for sufferers of home sickness, culture shock, visa issues
  • * **HALLS:** controlling rent rates

**For all this and more, vote Mahatir #1 for General Secretary!**


Endorsed by Pole Fitness | Hindu | Pride | Dance | Netball | Labour | Bangla | Men's Rugby | Jewish | BPOC | Intersectional Feminism | Board Games | Islamic




Activities and Development Officer

Activities and Development Officer

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Megan Beddoe



Believe in Beddoe



During my time at LSE I have experience working with clubs and fixtures and been on the Activities Committee. I can use this experience to make positive change to activities at LSE.




Support for committees

  • \- step-by-step guides for committee roles
  • \- Mental health and consent training

Individual STARS accreditations

  • \- Points-based individual activities rewards for committee work, volunteering and skills sessions Activities signposting: clarifying SU processes
  • \- club and society drop-in sessions
  • \- contacts and help guides for events and activities
  • \- checklists and guidance for processes and applications




  • \- Optimise use of LSE sport space
  • \- upgraded storage spaces for societies and clubs
  • \- Funding and Payments
  • \- more efficient payment and reimbursement system
  • \- transparent and accessible funding opportunities
  • \- more support for student groups to apply for funding



AU for everyone

  • \- Lobbying for protected Wednesday afternoons for postgrads
  • \- Financial accessibility of clubs and social events Varsity
  • \- London-based, multi-sport Varsity

Voice for societies


  • \- establish an executive committee for societies Redesigned Welcome Week
  • \- more daytime orientation activities
  • \- integration with give it a go events



  • \- more effective promotion of events and opportunities

Endorsed by: Rowing | Pole Fitness | Tennis | Fencing | Tea | Hindu | Women's Football | Athletics and Running | Netball | Cricket | Men's Rugby | BPOC | Women's Basketball





Community & Welfare Officer

Daniel Cayford



Unity in the Community!



We are a university full of brilliant individuals. Yet, we rank LAST for student satisfaction. It is clear - We need more “Unity in the Community!"


As a Halls C&W Officer, and LSE’s go-to photographer, I speak with students from all over campus. Rather than ‘boxing’ people into minority groups, I will share the diverse stories of LSE. Uniting and supporting each other, through understanding.


What’s your LSE legacy? A piece of paper, or a network for life?


LSE, Meet One Another:

  • * Student-led events direct to your phone
  • * Strengthen student-led SU Media – independent voices
  • * Improved collaboration between Chinese communities and SU network
  • * Face to face C&W for everyone

LSE, Meet London:

  • * Group-discounts to events, food and adventures.
  • * ‘LSE Presents’ – The Venue, a space for talent
  • * UoL – joint Society events and AU varsities.

LSE, Remember Halls?

  • * Stay part of your community, even after moving out. Reconnect (and party!) with your halls network.
  • * Postgrad inter-halls network.

LSE, empowering you:

  • * Turn LSE’s world-class mental-health research into world-class provision.c
  • * Changes to Hardship Funding
  • * Social Mobility Part Time Officer

LSE, environmentally friendly:

  • * Lobby with Mayor to improve air quality!
  • * Vegan options

Endorsed by: Rowing | Tennis | Ultimate | Hindu | Cricket | Jewish





Education Officer


Esohe Uwadiae



Es We Can!



Hi I’m Esohe and I’m running to be your Education Officer.


Having been an Academic Board representative, worked on six LSESU committees and a Peer Supporter for LSE’s Student Counselling, I know what works and how it works at LSE.





  • Launch: a pre-university transition scheme, pre-exam workshops, student review of class and seminar structure and a ‘Rate my Module’ page
  • Ensure: lecture capture is mandatory, early notification of results for students who have failed and that academic advisors are assigned for your whole degree
  • Reform: the extenuating circumstances system, exam barring procedures and the LSE app to include features such as checking PC availability


  • Joint honours students: create a centralised management structure for joint honours students
  • Social Mobility: campaign against further fee increases, skills audit and personal development plan
  • Mature and Part-time students: develop an online information hub, introduce SSLC reps for part-time students
  • Postgraduates: standardise the dissertation information dissemination process, impose deadlines to pull suspended/discontinued modules advertised
  • Disabled students: Have Individual Exam Arrangements applied for entire degree


  • Lobbying for compulsory exam feedback; assessment and curriculum diversification; increased investment in GTA pay and training and
  • Tackling the BME attainment gap

Endorsed by: Rowing | Pole Fitness | Pride | Dance | Women's Rugby | Netball | Bangla | Men's Rugby | Jewish | Intersectional Feminism | Islamic



Part-time and Liberation Officers



Anti-racism Officer


Dhibla Idris Mahamud



Dibs on Dhibla



My aims as Anti-racism officer are to make progress on existing campaigns by the current officer and starting new ones of my own.


My main aim is to tackle the different dimensions in which racism has taken form on campus. This includes Islamophobia which is increasingly seen as a legitimate form of discrimination and anti-antisemitism (on the left and right).


Another point I wish to address is to continue the work on the BME attainment gap and attempt to reduce it. (which I have done a lot of work on this year).


Lastly, I want to create workshops and campaigns to raise awareness of normalised things that have racial undertones. This includes things like volunteering abroad (‘the white saviour complex) and the curriculum being Eurocentric.


Endorsed by: Rowing | Pole Fitness | Pride | Women's Football | Hockey | Women's Rugby | Netball | Cricket | Intersectional Feminism | Islamic




Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Students' Officer

Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Students' Officer

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Waleed Malik


Take the lead with Waleed!




  • Member of LSE Court of Governors
  • Cofounder of LSESU British People of Colour
  • Committee Member on three societies

**The BME Network **

  • * Establish a mentoring scheme to help students better cope with the transition from secondary education to university
  • * Raise awareness of the BME attainment gap by holding events for students to engage in discussion on its causes
  • * Collaborate with national societies to tackle the stigma associated with mental health in BME communities

**Harassment and hate crime**

  • * In continuation with the Consent Campaign, hold ‘Harassment Week’ raising awareness for LSE’s harassment reporting system
  • * Ensure that all harassment and hate crime claims are investigated with equal commitment
  • * Encourage religious and national societies to advertise the harassment reporting system in newsletters


  • * Push for better BME staff representation by lobbying the EDI taskforce to publicize the steps being taken to increase staff diversity
  • Lobby taskforce to publish semi-annual progress reports

Endorsed by: Pole Fitness | Tennis | Northern | Hindu | Tennis | Hockey | Athletics and Running | Netball | Cricket | Labour | Bangla | Jewish | BPOC | Intersectional Feminism | Islamic




Disabled Students' Officer

Faye Brookes Lewis


Feel Good With Faye



Hi! I'm Faye, this year I've been the Disability Officer for IFemSoc and now I'm running to be the Disabled Students' Officer.


Being a disabled student can be an isolating experience so I want to help make LSE as inclusive and friendly a place as possible.


If I'm elected I promise to:


Use the Disabled Students' Network to organise regular socials for disabled students to meet each other and share their experiences


Organise panels and discussion groups on disability issues and push for the inclusion of disability in social justice spheres


Improve awareness of disability services offered at LSE


I will also lobby the school for the following:


Greater funding for disability and wellbeing services, providing more counselling sessions and a shorter waiting time.


Timely and effective implementation of inclusion plans


Improved accessibility throughout LSE buildings


So feel good and vote Faye #1 for Disabled Students'!


Endorsed by: Pole Fitness | Hindu | Pride | Women's Football | Women's Rugby | Athletics and Running | Labour | Bangla | Conservative | Intersectional Feminism | Islamic




Environment & Ethics Officer


James Slater



Bringing LSE back down to Earth!



As Environment & Ethics Officer, I will take the lead in pushing for real change on campus – using my vast campaigning knowledge to encourage lively debate about the political priorities on ethical and environmental issues.


I have experience working within the SU as Northern Society President, elected Governor and Labour exec officer; all in first year. I know how the SU works, have the skillset to run energetic campaigns, organise events and get things done.


As E&E Officer I will:

  • Run a ‘Switch Off Awareness’ week where halls compete to win prizes based on dropping energy usage.
  • Support the Justice for Cleaners campaign until a workable solution is reached.
  • Re-energise the divestment campaign to push LSE to divest from oil and gas.
  • Work with LSE Estates, Catering and departments to ensure they meet sustainability targets.
  • Initiate campaigns raising awareness of social mobility issues on campus.

Endorsed by: Tennis | Northern | Hindu | Pride | Hockey | Labour | Cricket | Jewish | Ecosoc | Intersectional Feminism | Islamic




International Students' Officer

International Students' Officer

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Shamayal Hussain



Smile with Shamayal




Although LSE is one of the most internationally diverse universities, I feel the international community at LSE is not fairly treated. Questions such as how would TEF, BREXIT and an increase in tuition fees impact international students, remain unanswered.


As a student governor, I have always prioritised the interests of international students at the court of governor meetings. We (the international students) don’t let our differences define us, but what brings us together, is the fact that we have _“each other”_.


As the international officer, I will push for:

  • * LSE’s first international forum by collaborating with the LSE and SU societies.
  • * Campaign to combat racism, islamophobia and xenophobia (considering recent advances in populism)
  • * Promote equality and a sense of belonging at the LSE for all students through a series of socials and public events.
  • * More accessible financial and emotional support.

There is more as well. Thank


Endorsed by: Hindu | Women's Football | Labour | Cricket | Bangla | Jewish | Intersectional Feminism | Islamic





LGBT+ Students' Officer


Bex Dudley



BE Xcellent; Vote BEXcellent



Heya! I’m Bex Dudley- ‘the one that wears glitter’. I want to be your LGBTQ+ officer!


Previously, I have been LGBTQ+ representative of the Bristol City Youth Council, and single-handedly run a year-long fundraising campaign. I have an unending passion for equality and acceptance, that encompasses all of my life.


My promises:


BE there for everyone. I know the importance of supportive and inclusive communities, and I want everyone here to experience that. I will liase with societies to provide a range of events, and ensure all under-represented students are included.


BE visible on campus. I want to continue ongoing work like the links with the AU, as well as increasing visibility with mainstream LGBTQ+ events/speakers.


BEyond the binary. I want gender neutral toilets in all buildings, as well as training for staff around avoiding gender binaries.


We should all have the chance to shine.


BE Xcellent. Vote BEXcellent.


Endorsed by: Pole Fitness | Hindu | Women's Football | Hockey | Women's Rugby | Athletics and Running | Netball | Labour | Intersectional Feminism





RAG President


Julia Lawson-Johns



Seasoned RAG member seeks presidency



  • • During two years in RAG, firstly as Sponsorship officer and then VP Events, I’ve managed Freshers 2015, RAG Week (both won awards for UK’s best university fundraising events!!) and have participated in or organised every internal RAG challenge (think hitchhiking, tough guy, naked calendar and a tonne of parties)!!! I’m returning from a year abroad, recharged and with the aim to open up RAG to students through:
  • • i) Improved communication platforms to better promote RAG’s events, charities and how you can get involved. Strengthen hall-relationships through voluntary RAG-reps
  • • ii) Two-way dialogue with students to ensure we’re meeting your needs by: organising drop-in surgery to train and advise clubs and societies, facilitating individuals’ charitable efforts by providing access to RAG communication platforms and contacts, introducing suggestion box for anonymous slag-offs
  • • iii) Increased inclusivity through creation of RAG volunteer network for non-committee RAG supporters

Endorsed by: Pole Fitness | Tea | Hindu | Women's Football | Hockey | Women's Rugby | Athletics and Running | Netball | Labour | Cricket | Jewish | Conservative | Intersectional Feminism | Islamic | Rowing




Women's Officer


Natasha Davies



Vote Tash and Smash Everyday Sexism





  • * Start an ‘Everyday Sexism at LSE’ campaign on social media and outside the SU to raise awareness of issues facing LSE students specifically
  • * Work with AU Exec to stop prioritising men’s sports over women’s and expand ‘This LSE Girl Can Week’ to include more societies, widen female participation and showcase the sporting contributions women make to the AU
  • * Continue Fathia’s work by ensuring mandatory consent workshops are introduced successfully
  • * Work with other PTOs to ensure intersectionality continues to be at the heart of LSE feminism
  • * Engage more men to speak out for women’s issues ensuring we have an inclusive feminist movement
  • * Help students support local women’s issues by expanding campaigns (e.g. Hygiene for Everyone) and work with RAG to fundraise for local women’s charities
  • * Organise panel events on global women’s issues e.g. Modern day slavery
  • * Hold weekly drop-in sessions for students to raise issues they care most about"



Endorsed by: Rowing | Pole Fitness | Hindu | Women's Football | Women's Rugby | Athletics and Running | Netball


Athletics Union


AU President


Harriet Barr



Raising the Barr for the AU!




  • * Fair, effective allocation of funding, allowing reimbursements for training
  • * Work with BUCS to reduce clashes with summer sports fixtures and exam season
  • * Assess the current Zoo Bar agreement
  • * Create opportunities for more postgrad involvement


  • * Introduce trial membership period and more ‘give it a go’ sessions
  • * Increase the range of sports involved in Varsity
  • * Wider coverage of all sports teams and publish individual success
  • * Compulsory AU for all training and consent workshops for club execs
  • * Continue ‘Women in Sport’ week
  • * ‘SEE IT, REPORT IT’ through anonymous online forums and direct channels between AU members and the AU


  • * Co-ordination between clubs and help from the AU regarding sponsorships
  • * Improving the reimbursement process using an apps
  • * Research the introduction of club credit cardss
  • * Corporate sponsorship for AU awards and Wednesday nights, reducing the cost foryou"s

Endorsed by:

Rowing | Pole Fitness | Tennis | Hindu | Pride | Dance | Athletics and Running | Netball | Labour | Intersectional Feminism




AU Executive member x4


Laura Chitty



Vote Chitty for a Bangin' AU




1. London Based Varsity: Build on Fight Night and Rugby Varsity with imperial to include more sports across the AU.


2. Participation - produce a prospectus to be handed out at the start of freshers fair with details of what clubs have to offer and who can join them. Send these to the postgraduate welcome events with representatives from the AU.


3. More training for club committees - two training sessions in ST with advice on handovers and some of the challenges they might encounter as captain. Expand on Ally training to provide a session on women in sport and liberating underrepresented groups.


4. Sponsorship for AU events - especially with the aim of making AU ball more affordable and accessible to everyone.


5. Reimbursement system - push through the promised app we should have received to make reimbursements quicker and easier to apply for. Students who dedicate so much money and time to clubs should not be out of pocket.


6. Focus on renegotiating with zoo bar or finding another venue - After so many issues this year there has to be a focus on finding a better deal with zoo bar which protects the pitchers for committees.



Calum Davy



You can’t spell Calum without AU




Vote Calum #1 for AU Exec and get the following:


1\. Increased SPONSERSHIPS of both social and sporting events to bring down outrageous ticket costs and to increase AU funds which will be reinvested directly back into clubs.


2\. An effort to make the AU a more EQUAL institution through new requirements and policies.


3\. Increase diversity within AU Socials by co-ordinating MIXED social events between the larger and smaller clubs in the AU.


4\. Lobbying the Sabbatical Officers into being MORE TRANSPARENT with policies and procedures and releasing TIMELY statements when important changes are made to the AU.


5\. Create and encourage an ANONYMOUS feedback system with the aim to improve the AU based on real experiences and YOUR feedback.



James Dolan



1 AU Olympics- create an event to rival Carol, where all clubs will compete across a wide variety of sports from basketball to Ultimate Frisbee


2 Organise more Give-it-a-Go sessions and open matches for students that want to casually play sports for fun


3 Quicker reimbursements for captains and travel


4 Freshers given an AU talk by various clubs on the many benefits of being part of the AU


5 Seek sponsorships for AU events to lower the ticket prices


6 More fundraising events for RAG such as intra-club matches between all clubs in the AU and other universities in London


7 More themed Wednesday nights


8 Use the AU social media accounts to increase the transparency between clubs about how they are getting on in their relative leagues and events


James Oddy



Vote the Odd one in





  • - Create a centralised bank of referees, coaches and sports facilities for captains to use to make booking these easier
  • - Monthly speakers from the world of sport, similar to events organised by other LSE societies
  • - Encourage the creation and promotion of new clubs through social media, Fresher’s Fair and halls
  • - Fresher’s Fair showcase – give new and smaller clubs an opportunity to showcase in a larger space


  • - Renegotiate the deal with Zoo – better deal for social secs in terms of pitchers, and the whole AU
  • - Sponsorship of events to make them accessible to all, and increase ticket price transparency


  • - Ensure all club and AU exec sign a charter of AU Values in Sport at the start of the academic year, to be published to all current and prospective members
  • - Make certain the values of the AU are upheld across all spheres – from Berrylands, to Tuns, to Zoo.

Endorsed by: Rowing | Tennis | Hindu | Hockey | Netball | Cricket




AU Executive - Engagement Officer x1

AU Executive - Engagement Officer x1

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Emily Tester







I’m an active member of netball 4s and won the Club Contribution award last year. I regularly attend Active LifeStylE sessions for netball and other sports. I have extensive events organisation experience as the former Events Officer for Young Liberals, organising their national events and conferences, and as president of a society. I am active in liberation groups, including GSD Alliance. Also a regular Zoo attendee – though I don’t always remember!


My goals:

  • * Work with clubs to introduce a 3 week trial membership in Michaelmas term and a half year membership for joining in Lent term
  • * Collaborate with liberation groups to engage traditionally underrepresented groups across the entire year, not just for one week.
  • * Support outreach officers in all aspects of their roles
  • * Organise more ‘give-it-a-go’ sessions
  • * Create additional social events solely for underrepresented groups in the AU

Help me score my goals: Vote Emily Tester for AU Engagement Officer!"


Endorsed by: Pole Fitness | Pride | Hindu | Women's Rugby | Netball | Cricket | Labour | Bangla | Conservative | Intersectional Feminism | Islamic



Members of Boards and Committees


Member of the Democracy Committee x5

Member of the Democracy Committee x5

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Zain Hussain







I’m Zain Hussain and I’m running for a position on the Democracy Committee. I hope to see democracy in the SU advance and progress in the upcoming year.




I would like to see more students, more UGM motions and more enthusiasm at UGMs. We as students should take advantage of this opportunity to bring about real change in our university, which unfortunately not enough people are aware of.




I am a passionate individual, and I’ll enthusiastically promote voting to people. I have personally been inspired by a number of driven people on campus, and I want others to feel the same way.




I never leave a task undone, which is why I will constantly persevere in every task, challenge and obstacle that stands in the way of what the LSE community wants and deserves.



Tamanna Jahan Moushumi



I believe that the Democracy Committee should be reflective of the diverse community here at LSE and as a BME, Muslim woman from a low socioeconomic background; I will be a good representative.


** **

  • * **_Revolutionise:_ **SU democracy to ensure students understand how UGMs and lobbying works
  • * **_Ensure_ **commitment to furthering the participation of democracy as one of the most active student unions in the country
  • * **_Vocalise _**for issues that are taboo and not widely discussed enough to be brought to the attention of the School – such as issues on class and social mobility
  • * **_Incentivise _**students to participate in LSESU democracy by outlining their rights as students within the union
  • * **_Visualise _**issues faced by minority groups including women, BME students, LGBT+ community, and those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds
  • * **_Enhance _**the role played by the Democracy Committee in holding PTOs and Sabbs to account for election mandates

Endorsed by: Hindu | Pride | Women's Football | Labour | Bangla | Jewish | Intersectional Feminism | Islamic


Chun Ching Wong



Vote Wong for No More Wrong



UGM: Currently, the UGM lacks of publicity across LSE students with appalling attendances. As democracy committee, I would market the UGM aggressively during fresher week, encouraging all to give a hand to our poor student satisfaction rating and to make some real changes.


Communication: Encourage Sabbatical officers to explore other platforms to announce their progress/achievements other than UGMs. Motions raised are not marketed sufficiently, resulting in lack of awareness. Reformat newsletters by summarising key points in sections for the ease of reading. Therefore, having studied Marketing, I would improve the basic marketing to raise awareness of pressing issues at the LSE.


Mental Health: Collaborate with Community and Welfare officers to improve mental health among students at this stressful and competitive environment by: 1) Promote extensively on existing counselling services provided by LSE; 2) Heavily subsidise the first few treatments for mental sufferers who requires Psychiatrist’s subscriptions.




Member of the Students' Union Trustee Board x2 (One spot reserved for a PhD student)

Member of the Students' Union Trustee Board x2

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Philipp Ershov



Sobriety & Shared Interests Take Back Control




-Throughout my time at the LSE, I’ve been involved in running five very different societies. This gives me a great understanding of the truly unique diversity of the needs and interests of the student community.


-Yet, everyone shares a basic common link - a common university. Every student wants a better education. Everyone desires good teaching, fair exams, and better feedback. We all cherish our futures, meaning that students from all socioeconomic backgrounds need to be able to enjoy and utilise the privileges of LSE life in comfort.


-As Trustee, I will work with LSE and LSE SU stakeholders to ensure that funds are allocated to the most efficient, welfare optimising use.


-By September, I would have completed an internship in client-centred Asset Management at a leading US financial institution. This will equip me with the skill-set, sobriety, and maturity required for a role that is, ultimately, about responsibility and solving problems.


Endorsed by Hindu | Women's Football | Jewish | Conservative







Social Mobility Referendum


The referendum was entitled "Should LSESU introduce a social mobility and class officer?" with a total of 2284 votes this vote was quorate and so the results were
Yes: 1893
No: 298
Undecided 93
so the referendum was passed