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General Secretary

As General Secretary, you would be one of LSESU's four full-time, paid Sabbatical Officers and the primary liaison between LSE and the Students’ Union,. The Sabbatical Officers represent all LSE students and lead on major campaigns, strategic developments, projects and events.

Specifically, your role involves representing the student body and setting the agenda within both the School and LSESU.

You will actively promote the needs and desires of students and lead on the development and delivery of initiatives, campaigns and projects to improve the overall student experience at LSE.

You will sit on LSE’s decision-making bodies: including LSE Council; Finance and Estates Committee; Ethics Committee, Honorary Awards Committee and Governance Committee.

In addition, you will be Chair of the following:

  • LSESU Trustee Board, which has the ultimate legal and financial responsibility for the Students’ Union
  •  Chair of the Executive Committee, which is responsible for defending the rights of student members and campaigning on issues affecting them.
  • Chair of the Students’ Union Fund
  • co-Chair of the Welcome Steering Group, along with the Deputy Chief Operating Officer of LSE.

You will also attend NUS National Conference during Lent Term to represent LSE students nationally.

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