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Proxy Voting Form - Special Resolution 2020

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Do you agree with the proposal to update LSESU's Constitution?

The language used below is pretty formal, however we are required to use this wording for a special resolution. If you need more information you can find our guidance to the changes here or contact su.democracy@lse.ac.uk. If you are planning to attend the General Meeting in person then you don’t need to submit a proxy vote as you will be able to vote during the meeting.

IT IS RESOLVED, subject to obtaining any necessary consent from The London School of Economics and the Charity Commission, to amend the Company's articles of association by deleting them in their entirety and replacing them with the articles of association to be initialled by the Chair of Trustees as the final version, which are available here and to give the Trustees of the Union the authority to make any such minor administrative amendments as may be required or advised by The London School of Economics, the Charity Commission, Companies House, or the Union's legal advisers.

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