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LSE Schools 2018

Saturday 01 December 2018

9am - 8pm

LSE Schools 2018

Each year, LSESU debate society host this tournament in the heart of the LSE campus. Debating is

increasingly recognised to improve public speaking, analytical skills and wider awareness of current affairs. The

competition represents an exciting opportunity for young debaters, of any level, to experience a large-scale

debating tournament where they will receive advice and feedback from some of the most experienced debaters

in the university circuit. Several participants have gone on to debate competitively at the university level to

considerable success.




The competition will take place on Saturday the 1st of December 2018. There will be four initial rounds of British

Parliamentary debating on a variety of topics, in which all participants will take part. After four rounds the four

teams who have performed best over the initial rounds will ‘break’ (progress) to the final. Subject to demand, we

will hold a novice final, designed for less experienced teams where both speakers are in their first year of

debating competitively and have not (yet) ‘broken’.


The schedule is below:

0845 Registration opens
0930 Registration closes, briefing begins
1000 Round 1
1145 Round 2
1330 Lunch
1415 Round 3
1615 Round 4
1745 Dinner
1815 Finals
2000 Closing ceremony
2015 Expected end time


We will provide Dinner after the Final has taken place, however we are not able to provide lunch. We

recommend that participants either bring a packed lunch or some money to buy food at in one of the many

nearby shops.




Please register here.

Registration will be £45 per team. There may be limited bursaries available to state schools who have

difficulty covering the cost of sending teams to this competition, schools new to debating, and schools outside

London; this is not guaranteed, you can apply through the signup form.


Information on payment will be emailed to you alongside confirmation of your team spots.


LSE Schools 2018 FAQs


Can I leave after a few rounds?

No, for a team to be eligible to make the final, they must have completed all four rounds. Teams should not

leave until all four rounds are completed, otherwise they will not be included on the rankings. If you absolutely

have to leave (in exceptional circumstances) you must tell the conveners.


Is there a dress code?

No, the uniform and dress of participants is entirely up to the discretion of the school.


What is allowed/disallowed during preparation?

Teams are allowed to use any pre-prepared written/printed materials they have brought with them to the

competition. They are not allowed to prepare with other teams, even from the same school, or to use any

electronic equipment except for timing. Teachers may observe students but they must not help the students

in anyway during preparation or the debate.


Contact us

For any inquiries, please email us at lsedebate@gmail.com or message us via our Facebook page.