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Persian Society Dinner

Wednesday 23 January 2019

7pm - 9pm

Beluga Persian Restaurant

Persian Society Dinner

Update: Tickets are SOLD OUT!!!


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LSE SU Persian Society will be going to Beluga Restaurant on 23rd January!
Beluga is a new luxurious Persian restaurant in London, so we believe many of you haven't tried it yet and so this is a great chance for you all to try it!
*Beluga Restaurant provides guests a luxury dining experience and features Swarovski chandeliers and Versace cutlery as well as wallpaper by Italian designer Roberto Cavalli.*


Ticket Prices:
Members: £16
Non-Members: £19

We will be providing the following:
- Mixed Starters: Mirza Ghasemi, Kashko Bademjoon
- Soft Drink
- Main course options:

  1. Chelo Koobideh
  2. Chelo Joojeh 
  3. Baghali polo with Kuku sabzi (Vegetarian option)

    Each dish will be served with potato Tahdig!


People can either meet us at Beluga Persian Restaurant in Notting Hill Gate around 6:45 to 7pm, or they can meet us on LSE campus in front of Peacock Theatre entrance and at 6:30 we will move towards Beluga together by underground.