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Business Analytics Workshop by Enactus LSE

Monday 02 March 2020

6pm - 5:30pm


Business Analytics Workshop by Enactus LSE

Enactus LSESU is proud to present our Business Analytics Workshop held on 2nd March 2020!! It will be conducted by Pierre Hakim, who has 13 years of experience in this industry and is currently the Director of Analytics of Enterprise Holdings. This event is open to all LSE Students!!

Have you ever wondered why "Big Data" and "Business Analytics" are such big buzzwords these days? Were you curious how firms such as Cambridge Analytica are using your data and subtly altering your preferences? Then this is the workshop for you! Analytics has been successfully adopted in many industries and is already affecting the decisions you make in your everyday lives. From the songs Spotify recommends you to the ads that you are shown on Facebook, analytics is all around us and is here to stay. So, if you are interested in learning more about how companies utilise big data and analytics in their everyday operations or if you're simply looking to enter this up-and-coming industry, this is your chance to ask questions and clarify your doubts!

Do join us from 6-pm on Monday, 2 March, at CBG.2.03 for an enlightening evening!