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An Apology to Abhijith Subramanian

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LSESU wish to sincerely and publicly apologise to Abhijith Subramanian, a former member of the LSESU Debate Society. In January 2022, the LSESU began an investigation into a number of allegations brought against Mr Subramanian, following which the LSESU temporarily suspended Mr Subramanian's membership of the Debate Society in March 2022 upholding a single allegation. Two subsequent independent reviews were conducted by the LSE. The first review concluded that there was no evidence to support any allegation that Mr Subramanian was in breach of any LSE policy or procedure nor any evidence of wrongdoing on his part. The second review, which identified a number of serious procedural failings which had compromised the confidentiality, integrity and fairness of the LSESU’s investigation, as well as the reliability of the final decision led to the LSESU deciding to quash the sanctions unfairly imposed on Mr Subramanian and apologise publicly and unreservedly to him. Measures, including additional staff training, are being taken to ensure the same mistakes are not repeated with any future investigations