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Best Winter Drinks to Try

It’s getting closer to the holidays, the evenigs are getting shorter and the temperatures are getting colder. Nothing makes the evenings cosier than sipping on a seasonal drink or beverage, it’s the perfect addition to those winter nights in. We’ve rounded up some of the most iconic, popular and down-right-delicious winter beverages for you, and the best thing is they can all be made at home and are pretty easy to whip up! Gather your household or bubble and get into the Holiday spirit by rustling up some batches of these Festive Drinks to try at home.

Hot Chocolate

Often dubbed the holy grail of Winter Drinks. Hot Chocolate is the perfect beverage to give you a little bit of indulgence all whist helping you combat those cold temperatures! Why not spruce it up and add in your own syrups for some festive flavourings? Or how about a traditional swirl of fresh whipped cream with baby marshmellows for a real extra treat?

Want to switch it up?:


Another well known favourite for this time of year. EggNog is often referred to a milk punch for its rich, creamy and sweet consistency. Now let’s address the elephant in the room – Yes, there is indeed Egg in this drink which may be a turn off for some of you, but lots of people are in love with this drink, likening it to a glass of liquid ice cream in taste! Gotta be worth one try atleast!:

Mulled Wine

One for those of you who fancy a bit of a kick! This wine is infused with various mulled spices that give it a warming smoky flavour, but is also packs a sweet and fruity punch at the same time! This beverage is traditionally an alcoholic one (although there are some non-alcoholic versions!) and is usually served warm


Christmas Punch

A very versatile one! Christmas Punch can take many forms and have a range of different flavours. Typically, its made with lots of fruit and juices giving it a sweet taste, and when teamed up with alcohol is packs quite a punch at the same time (pun intended!). But really people, you can spruce this up in any way that you like! Take the alcohol out of you wish, add in some festive spices if you like or even drop in your own Holiday flavourings. We’ve got some base recipies to get you started:

Gingerbread Latte

Missing Winter Wonderland? A sip of this will take you back there like it was yesterday. This sweet yet delicately spicy latte strikes the perfect balance and is as close to Christmas in a cup as you’ll get. You have to give this one a go people! It really is a iconic beverage for the Holidays:

Want to switch it up?:

Hot Toddy

A very fitting drink for our current circumstances! Hot Toddy’s are both a Holiday beverage, but is also used as a remedy for common cold and flu symptoms. This hot drink is whiskey based and is combined with lemon and honey – giving you the warming effect for the festive season that can also help to alleviate any common cold symptoms you have! It’s a two in one people, definitely worth a go:


If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try something new, a Snowball is your ticket! This retro cocktail combines a traditional Dutch favourite with ice, lime and lemonade, delivering a refreshing sweet and sour punch that will tickle your tastebuds. This is an alcoholic drink but you can make non-alcoholic versions that will yield a weaker taste:

Apple Pie Punch

Love Apple Pie? Well, why not try it in beverage form?! This punch packs the warming, sweet and fruity flavours of Apple Pie that we all know and love. You can serve it hot to enhance the warming effect, and many find it delicious when served chilled over ice. It is an alcoholic cocktail, but can be made as a non-alcoholic beverage too!