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How to Spend the Holidays

This Holiday Season is undoubtedly different than our previous ones. But, no matter what situation you are in, you along with those around you deserve to have an enjoyable festive season as we’ve all been through a lot this year. The restrictions and current conditions do limit our actions, but they don’t stop all the fun! There are lots of things you can do to get into the Holiday spirit, whether your preference is to do it alone or with your household indoors, or whether you would like to venture outside to do with others. Here’s our top picks for you:


The festive season is a time where a number of people decide to do their bit to give back to their communities. It’s a nice thing for those less fortunate than you, and can also give you a very rewarding feeling. We know that the current conditions may leave you feeling apprehensive about this, but there are opportunities that can allow you to practice safe distancing from others. If you are comfortable venturing out and would like to get involved in some Holiday Volunteering, have a look at these opportunities.


Holiday Movies & Watch Parties

Lets face it, at the moment, a cosy night in is one of the safest options! Staying in doesn’t have to be dull and boring, as there’s plenty of films and movies to help get you into the Holiday spirit. Plus, you can also enjoy these movies with friends or families through plug ins like Teleparty, a virtual way to watch films with your loved ones. You definitely need to get these on your list:


Holiday baking

Get those aprons out people! Holiday Baking is a sure-fire way to get you joyful and merry (and maybe a little messy too!). Gather your household or bubble for this perfect bonding activity, with the real bonus being those sweet treats and baked goods that you can snack on through your Holiday evenings. Here are some of our personal favourites you should give a go:

DIY Craft Activities

One for those of our students who are parents or carers - but if you’re keen on getting a little crafty, you can always do this one for yourselves! Take some time out to embrace your creative side through making your own Holiday crafts and DIY keepsakes - a great way to get yourselves, your little ones and those around you smiling and excited this festive season. If you’re really savvy about it you could even make some handmade Holiday presents to tick both your gifting and saving goals off the list! Here’s a few ideas to get you started


Virtual Holiday Parties

We’re sure you’re all familiar with Zoom by now! Just because the sparkly season of Christmas Parties and large get-togethers has come to halt, doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative and construct your own fun and festive virtual gathering. Gather your friends, family and any other attendees you’d like to come along, put your thinking cap on and design a virtual Holiday Party fitting for the occasion! It’s a little something that can go a long way, and after the year we’ve all had, we’re sure that everyone would appreciate the effort and thought that you put into it right now. Let’s get those creative juices flowing with some ideas, take a look at these to get you started:

Holiday playlists

Tis the season to be jolly! Deck those halls! All we want for Christmas is you…to spend the Holidays happy and cheerful! Festive songs are one of the easiest ways to get you feeling merry, smiling and is a great way to lift your spirits. Not to mention the fact that there really are TONS! Don’t just stop at the traditional Holiday songs that you know and love, as there are plenty of international Holiday songs for the different cultural and global celebrations taking place across the world right now. Not sure what to start with? Here’s our suggestions: