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LSE Halls Holding Fee Win

As part of the LSE Forgotten Students campaign, I’ve been working to convince the School to remove the unfair holding fee charged to students at LSE Halls. In short, this fee – which set students back £25 per week – penalised students for having items in their rooms which they legally could not retrieve.

I’m pleased to say the School has agreed to drop the holding fee and only charge students for items left in their rooms once lockdown restrictions are eased, travel can resume and students can legally collect their belongings! This a great win for students, at a point when the pandemic has seen financial hardship at all time high.

More Details

For those with contracts with LSE Halls but who aren’t in residence and have completed either an Early Leavers Form or who have entered a Period of Absence’ on their account, will now have their accounts adjusted. As the fee was due to be applied retrospectively (i.e. after lockdown) you won’t need a refund as the fee would not have been charged yet. This will not apply if you are currently living in your hall and paying your rent fees as it was only for those who were no longer in their rooms.


We continue to work hard to support those in private halls and accommodation, and you can find more information and tools here.



Your Sabbatical Officers,


Laura Goddard (Community and Welfare Officer)

David Gordon (General Secretary)

Morgan Fairless (Postgraduate Officer)

Bali Birch-Lee (Education Officer)

Ellie Duplock (Activities and Development Officer)