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Policy Proposals

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Today, we welcome the Representation Team to the Advice Service blog to talk to us about the change from 'Motions' to 'Policy Proposals'.

Unhappy about something at LSE or LSE Students’ Union? Suggest a change by 7 November!

Policy Proposals (previously known as ‘motions’) are the mechanism by which students can enact real change at LSESU. Previous examples include:

  • Committing the SU to promoting consent culture on campus

  • Appointing a dedicated Neuro-divergent Students' Officer

  • Mobilising the SU to lobby LSE to improve the support it provides for its PhD students 

Do you have something you’d like to see LSESU do differently? Or something you’d like LSESU to lobby LSE about?

If so, please submit your policy proposal by filling out the form here.

Policy proposals will then be considered by the Democracy Committee for consideration at the next Student Panel on 22 November. You can find more information on our policy process and student panels here.

If you have any questions about the process, or want some help formulating your policy proposal, please email the Representation Team at

Thanks so much,

LSE Students’ Union