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The Virtual Welcome Fair 2020: 10 reasons why it’s a must-not-miss for all LSE students

A picture of a previous fair with large crowds



Whether you are a new or returning student, we know that this year has taken a different turn and we (LSESU) are here to make sure you still get the infamous Welcome experience you deserve! Welcome is nearly upon us and we can’t wait to bring our biggest flagship event of the year to your screens – all while keeping the LSE community safe!

So, what is the Welcome Fair? Well, it’s the annual two-day jam packed event during Welcome Week, your one-stop shop for all things fun at LSE and the event all students attend to find out how you can grab the ultimate university experience outside of lectures! You can find out more about your Student Union (that’s us!), LSE departments, campaigns and meet some of our fantastic sports clubs and societies. Usually it’s a physical fair across the 8 floors of the Saw Swee Hock building, 9300+ attendees across both days and the most efficient one-way walk through system you’ll ever see – but this year we’re taking it virtual for the first time ever.

The Virtual Welcome Fair is taking place on the 24th & 25th September. To attend, simply head on over to our homepage and you'll be able to click right onto the Fair to jump straight in and start exploring. There will be a multitude of live chats and exclusive events taking place within the fair from 9am-5pm on both fair days, so make sure you're diving into the Virtual Welcome Fair during these times!

Quick disclaimer people!
We have some wonderful photos lined up in here from last years' in-person Welcome Fair. Just to make it clear, this is not what this years' fair will look like, so don't panic! This years' fair is 100% virtual and you can safely attend in the comfort of your own homes. We've tried to capture the vibes and atmosphere that you see here in these images in this years' digitally accessible Welcome Fair.

So why shouldn’t I miss it? We hear you ask....

There's TONS of reasons why this is a must-not-miss event for all students, so here's your top 10 incentives for "virtually" coming along: 

1)    It only happens once a year…

This is the biggie, our longest standing LSESU event that everyone looks forward to. It’s the one that everyone goes to no matter what your year of study is and it literally caters to everyone!

2)    It’s free!

You won’t pay a penny to enter or be expected to buy anything while you’re there. You will have the opportunity to purchase a student group membership, but if you’re someone who would rather ‘try before you buy’ then you can bag yourself as many free Give it a Go memberships while you’re there. What a great way to spend a day without impacting your student budget?

3)    Most of our sports clubs, societies and student media groups will be here 

Yep… all 300 or so of them. When else would you get an opportunity to speak to all the ones you’ve got your eye on, in one place? Joining a sports club or a society is a great way to make friends, build on your passions and skills, make memories and have fun! They will be ready and waiting to virtually meet you on the day, answer your questions and welcome you to the LSE community. If you’ve already checked and you can’t find the group you were hoping to join? Well, as part of the Virtual Fair Webinar Schedule, there will be a webinar with the LSESU Societies Team on how to start your own society or student group. See? We really do have everything covered!

4)    It’s on every LSE students bucket list to tick off…

and if it isn’t on yours, then it should be! This is the first time we’ve ever hosted a Virtual Welcome Fair and it could be the last (who knows?). This is an exclusive opportunity for everyone and the best part is you don’t even need to move from the comfort of your own home. Why not make the most of this virtual experience before we (when it is safe to do so) plan for the next physical experience?

5)    Have we already mentioned it’s virtual?

Yep, maybe once or twice but who’s counting? You will have no commuting obstacles, no long queues, no lecture clashes and you can just jump onto the Virtual Fair platform whenever you want and leave whenever you want. We’re really making it that easy for you. You already have plans on the Thursday? Well then there’s always Friday! We have worked hard to try and make it as accessible as possible for you.

6)    You’ll find out about a lot of other initiatives to get involved in at LSESU

Although clubs and societies are a huge part of LSESU, there’s so much other stuff that makes the Union. We represent your student voice and work all-year-round to address your concerns with the top dogs at LSE. You can meet our Sabbatical Officers (your student representatives), the liberation groups and campaign groups, find a little bit more about our annual Student Elections and how to make history through our Democratic processes.

The LSESU staff team will be on hand to walk you through it all. We’re here to help you tackle issues you care about. Can’t find an existing campaign group that represents your goals? There will be a campaigns webinar as part of the Virtual Fair Webinar Schedule, to show you how we can help you make a difference. Less political and more athletic interests? You can Get Active! We’re all about keeping you happy and healthy through our LSESU Gym and Active Lifestyle programme, and you can find out all about our exclusive offers at the Fair!

7) It will help you brainstorm ideas for starting your own initiatives

This is for those of you who really want to enhance that CV of yours! We’ve already mentioned starting your own campaign or student group, but have you been thinking about a really unique idea you want to introduce at LSE? Well come and find out a little bit more about the Students Union Fund. This is a pot of funding we have for students to apply for to generate your own ideas! Sounds great, right? Make sure you attend our Give Me The Money Webinar during the Welcome Fair to find out all you need to know.

8)  It’s one of the best hubs of information for new and returning students.

The only place to find out everything in the space of two days. If you’re not a massive fan of reading but just want all of your questions answered, you can jump straight onto our live chats! Our students, staff and officers are at the other end of a button to answer all of your questions – so get them ready! If you’re a returning student thinking this sounds like the ‘same old stuff’, don’t assume it's a replica of last year. There are lots of new things this year – new projects, new student groups, new brand partners and more - we’ve had a very busy Summer getting ready for you!

9) You’ll get some juicy offers from our brand partners!

So I know we’ve mentioned a lot about what the SU has to offer, but did you know that the Virtual Welcome Fair has external companies and infamous brands clawing at the opportunity to be a part of it? Well if you attend, you’ll have the chance to see what our brand partners are offering students this year and you’ll leave the fair with some great deals and discounts!

10) You’ll come away knowing how to have the most exciting student life you’ve been dreaming of

With over 400 things to see in a day, we guarantee you’ll leave brimming with tons of ideas to enhance your life outside of lectures. Attending LSE is more than just a degree, we want you to get the best university experience and the best way to leave feeling fulfilled (with a fantastic education of course) is to get involved in as much as possible!


So what are you waiting for? Pencil Thursday 24th and Friday 25th September in your diaries now and we’ll "virtually" see you there! Click here to head to the Virtual Welcome Fair Event Page