Pakistan Development

Pakistan Development

Pakistan Development: Introduction

The LSE SU Pakistan development society aims at holding development based and progress oriented conferences and events highlighting the problems faced by Pakistan and possible solutions to them.


The society not only outlines the economic, political and social challenges the country faces but invites notable academics, politicians and government representatives to debate and discuss pragmatic solutions to  them. The development society also holds events focusing on how to develop different sectors in Pakistan ranging from education to health and beyond.


We provide a relaxed environment where students get access to high profile individuals speaking at the event so they can question and debate them on various aspects. Moreover, this serves as a platform for socialising with people who are on top of their respective fields.


Events for the coming academic year:


1. Future of Pakistan conference. (Biggest student run Pakistan based conference at LSE)

2. Several small scale conferences to discuss issues faced by Pakistan in Baluchistan and Kashmir as well as it's tussle with India.

3- An event on the 6th of October 2017 to discuss the use of intelligence agencies in India and Pakistan. Speakers include Amarjit Singh Dulat ( Ex Chief of RAW) and General Ehsan Ul Haq ( Ex Director General ISI)


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