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The Saw Swee Hock building, home of LSESU

Sports and Societies

About us

The LSE SU Pakistan Development Society aims at holding development based and progress-oriented conferences and events, highlighting the problems faced by Pakistan and possible solutions to them.

The society not only outlines the economic, political and social challenges the country faces but invites notable academics, politicians and government representatives to debate and discuss pragmatic solutions to them. The Pakistan Development society also holds events focusing on how to develop different sectors in Pakistan, ranging from education to health and beyond.

We provide a relaxed environment where students get access to high profile individuals that are speaking at the event so they can question and debate them on various aspects. Moreover, this serves as a platform for socialising with people who are on top of their respective fields.

All in all, the society works towards youth empowerment, fighting misconceptions and breaking stereotypes through discussions, awareness campaigns and charity events. Our aim is to debate key issues affecting Pakistan.


Are you interested in Pakistan's economy and politics? Do you want to watch and interact with the most important stakeholders in the country's path forward? Do you want to be part of the team that organises the largest student-run conference on Pakistan in the world? If so, the LSE SU Pakistan Development Society is the perfect fit for you.

Purchasing our standard membership for the year gives you access to our events, allows you to attend socials and also gives you the opportunity to sign up for sub-committee roles for our flagship event: The Future of Pakistan Conference. You may also get discounted prices on tickets for any inter-society or inter-university events we may be collaborating with. Towards the end of Lent Term, only members may run for committee elections or vote in them.

So what are you waiting for? Become a member of the LSE SU Pakistan Development Society!

Events and Activities

  • Future of Pakistan Conference (flagship event)
  • Panel talks and discussions with various policymakers, activists and other influential personalities of Pakistan
  • Academic Debates
  • Social and cultural events in collaboration with LSE SU Pakistan Society, as well as other Pakistan societies across London

Contact Us

Our committee is very excited to welcoming new members and specifically for this purpose, we’ve created a WhatsApp group that you may join in order to ask us any questions that you have.