The LSESU Afghan Society aims to provide students with an enriched experience in Afghan culture and an deeper understanding of the political implications occurring in Afghanistan contemporarily. It is open to all students across the university who are interested in experiencing a unique culture, food, music and to participate in thorough debating platforms about the current socio-political climate in the Middle East.

The society will hold a congregational ball during each academic year which will involve a dynamic experience with other Afghan societies in the University of London collective. The purpose of this event is to collect money for prominent charities in Afghanistan to further aims in education, medicine and for basic necessities to families suffering in vulnerable regions.

There will be an opportunity to participate in an annual food fair with societies in the LSE SU to provide an experience culture like no other.

Alongside the recreational aspects, there will be an opportunity to debate about the policies in existence in Afghanistan. There will be opportunity to scrutinise these policies and implement policy proposals which will then be communicated to the Afghan Ambassador to the UK.

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