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The LSESU Spanish Society aims to assert and grow Spanish culture within our university's core. With close to one hundred Spanish students arriving at the LSE every year, we highlight the importance that these students have within our university.

Our society invests in both fun and academic events. Through incredible reggaeton and latin parties, cheap La Fiesta tickets, relaxed hang-outs and future culinary events within the LSE, the Spanish Society will surprise you weekly with new and creative social events. On top of this, we provide you with an excellent academic branch, bringing people such as Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez or the CEO of Iberia Airlines. We work closely with  the Spanish Embassy and the Instituto Cervantes, the Spanish society is delivers the academic events that the international students of our university deserve.

Don´t think that our society is only aimed at Spanish students. We welcome anyone who is keen in making their most of their time at LSE and has a desire in getting to know people from around the world. Want to practice your Spanish? Want to meet some friendly, open people? We are here to include you into our Spanish family.

So what is your excuse not to join us? The more people that join, the more things we can do and the more we can keep expanding, hosting ever-more amazing events.

¡Vamos, únete ya!


With a membership, you will be able to attend any of our events, with the fee providing us with the budget necessary to host and make these possible. By being a member of our society, you will be informed of any event or social in the next academic year.

You will also be eligible to form part of the Spanish Society's committee, taking a more active role inside of the society by planning and managing events, sponsorships and marketing. Moreover, if you enjoy clubbing, it provides you with a discount code for La Fiesta night in London every week.

Being a member of our society provides you with an opportunity to make friends from around the world, meeting new cultures, practicing your Spanish, and having a perfect start to university life.

Events and Activities

Socials such as reggaeton nights, Latin/Spanish parties, culinary events, hang-outs to practice your Spanish, and much more!

Academic events bringing famous Spanish personalities to our university, with the aim of highlighting Spanish talent and culture within LSE.

Contact Us

We count with a WhatsApp group to constantly inform you about our future news and events. 

Any questions can be answered through Facebook Messenger by texting the Spanish Society's page.

Keep yourself posted by following updates on our website.