Nordic: Introduction

Once upon a time the People of England prayed to be saved from The Scandinavians of the Dark North. Nowadays, the same people praise us and beg us to turn up. We are known to hold the best parties at LSE. Here we are once more, and we are here to stay – seriously this time. That’s why we are inviting you to join the Nordic Society at LSE, an excellent opportunity to take part in the conquering of the world with fellow blonde Nordics at your side!

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News & Events

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Future events:
Scandi-Latino Boat Party + Afterparty!
Boat: Royalty. Club: Roadhouse
Join your favourite blonde, beautiful Scandis and the always fun and vivacious Hispanics for the annual legendary boat party! Bring your viking hat and Shakira hips for a night not to be missed!
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