LSESU Debate is one of the most established societies at the LSE and has achieved consistent success over the years, owing to its longstanding history of attracting intelligent, articulate and charismatic members from a diversity of backgrounds. As a society, we have done exceedingly well in inter-varsity tournaments and left our mark in both the national and international debating circuits - in recent years, we've broken teams on a regular basis at the World Universities Debating Championships and European Universities Debating Championships. We also compete in other prestigious international tournaments such as the World Universities Peace Invitational Debates, and various tournaments across Europe and the UK. These activities bring our debaters to a bevy of exciting locations, from Malaysia to Mexico, and even Cape Town and Bangkok in the upcoming two interations of the World Universities Debating Championships. 

We're one of the most active societies on campus, with twice-weekly training sessions in Michaelmas Term, once-a-week sessions in Lent Term due to popular feedback against a heavier workload in Lent Term, and tournaments every weekend. We have no attendance requirement - all members are free to come and go as often or infrequently as they'd like, and we ensure open and transparent communication so that no one will feel left behind.  

LSESU Debate is also host to three of the most prolific and competitive debating tournaments in London — LSE Schools, LSE Pro-Am and the LSE Open — which regularly draw domestic and international talents due to the high standard of debating we are known to have. In recent years, we've begun to diversify into other fun and smaller-scale events such as the Pop Culture Pro-Am, the London Debate Workshop, and several public debates and fun socials throughout the year. Apart from debates, our socials are held throughout the year, on individual occasions (such as Bowling Outings or Karaoke!), as well as after trainings and tournaments. Our socials are designed to be an inclusive and friendly environment, and are an excellent oppourtunity for members to socialize and interact with people of various backgrounds and enjoy themselves in a relaxed environment.

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