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About us

LSESU’S FoodCycle Society helps alleviate the problems of food waste and food poverty in London in line with the aims of the award-winning charity ‘FoodCycle’.

Through raising awareness of the impacts of food waste, rescuing unsold food from cafes and markets, and distributing the surplus food to people in need across the city, LSESU FoodCycle Society works toward achieving more sustainable and accessible food systems and services. 

Many people struggle to afford the basics to eat and many will eat alone without company or conversation.

One of our core activities is the 'Save Food' project, which involves collecting surplus food from cafés and restaurants on LSE campus and redistributing it to those in need in the nearby Holborn area. This currently takes place every evening from Monday-Friday. 

The Save Food Project is a great opportunity to volunteer easily on campus, bringing real positive difference to vulnerable groups in the area. As well as, helping the cafes reduce their food waste – saving good food from going in the bin, and feeding delicious meals to others.


Our membership structure involves a charge of £1.50 to join our society for the whole year. Your membership fee will go towards the running of the society and allow you to take part in our societies and events!

Events and Activities

Throughout the year we offer the opportunity to help save food waste & give back to your community through the following events and socials. 

In addition to the ‘Save Food’ project, here are a few of our (many) exciting opportunities for you to get involved in!

  • Help out with FoodCycle’s LSE King’s Cross project to provide a weekly communal meal every Sunday 
  • Rescue unsold surplus food from Borough and Kings Cross Market
  • Attend our socials and events to help raise awareness of the issues and solutions to food waste and whilst enjoying free & tasty rescued food!

Here is a little 'taste' of some of the activities we have organised in the past:

  • Hosted ‘Disco Soup’ social evenings at LSE, where students could come to enjoy tasty surplus food, listen to musicians perform, and learn about food waste.
  • Facilitated panel talks hosting speakers from food waste businesses like OLIO, DayOld, and TooGoodToGo.
  • Fundraised on campus selling surplus cakes to raise money for the FoodCycle Kitchen Hub at Kings Cross.
  • Started some outreach projects in LSE’s student halls, with new food waste awareness posters, and conversations with residents + staff about improving waste levels.

Contact Us

We can't wait to welcome new members to our society! Write to us on Facebook or Instagram to keep up to date with our events or if you have any questions! :))