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One of the newest, fastest-growing and most accessible of LSESU's societies, we exist to promote opera and ballet to LSE students and enrich students' lives through these art forms. We are the centre-point on campus for opera and ballet, and the gateway for newcomers on their journey into opera and ballet.

We unashamedly think that opera and ballet is for all - especially for students. So, we widen participation in opera and ballet by breaking down myths about these art forms, by encouraging newcomers to give them a go, and by ensuring that events are always engaging, inclusive and financially accessible for all students. Don't wait until your fifties to realise the wonder of opera & ballet!

We organise high-quality events relating to opera and ballet - from trips to live productions of opera and ballet or other similar art forms to insight events into opera and ballet. We secure (through group discounts, subsidy & grants, partnerships, and our experience) the cheapest tickets in the world-class arts scene of London.


Join us on our journey to become a leading LSESU society. You'll get to shape your involvement with the Society - from attending your first opera or ballet in our programme of events to becoming an Executive Committee member.

Members will:

1) Secure the cheapest tickets for opera and ballet in London. You'll receive the members' discount - members will always receive cheaper tickets to our events than non-member LSE students.

2) Hear about our events first and have the opportunity to buy tickets in advance. You'll join our mailing list.

3) Shape the values and activity of our Society. Feedback your aims for the Society into the Executive Committee - or even stand for election yourself. You'll have the opportunity to volunteer to widen participation in opera and ballet.

Questions, suggestions, ideas? Contact us anytime through our Facebook or LSESU email. We'll answer questions about our events and membership, and are always open to ideas for new events, activities and collaboration.


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