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The Saw Swee Hock building, home of LSESU

Referendum Motion

January 2019

Should LSESU begin an initiative to provide free menstrual products for students in the Saw Swee Hock building?

Proposer: Katie Tesseyman

Seconder: Aarti Narsee

What's the issue?

Not being able to access menstrual products can seriously hinder a person's daily life, which includes adversely affecting their education opportunities. Period Poverty is an issue which affects menstruating people both abroad and in the UK. In a society that provides free condoms but taxes menstrual products as a luxury, the provision of free menstrual products is invaluable for a wide range of people, especially students.
Another problem is that the menstrual products available in many bathrooms (which have to be paid for) are often only accessible to cis-passing women because they are only available in female toilets. Given that all the toilets in the SU building are open to people of all genders, the SU is in a great position to tackle this issue.

Furthermore, the provision of menstrual products in toilets that are accessible to people of all genders (which all of the SU toilets are) ensures that products are available to all menstruating people, not just cis-passing women.
An additional benefit of providing free menstrual products in mixed-gender bathrooms is that it is a small step towards destigmatising menstruation. We shouldn't feel the need to hide pads and tampons, there is nothing shameful about them!

What's the solution?

Begin an initiative to provide free menstrual products on campus would ensure that all menstruating people have access to products when they need them.

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