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The Saw Swee Hock building, home of LSESU

Referendum Motion

20th Feb 2020

Drug Policy Reform

Proposer: Jack Boyd

Seconder: Sam Rowlands

What's the issue?

Inadequate provision of safeguarding information on the issue of drug usage. This is based on the results of a widespread student survey. According to the survey results 75% of all respondents have tried drugs at LSE, 20% higher than the national average student at university as outlined in the NUS Report ’Taking the Hit'. In addition, 88% of respondents don’t know the school’s policy on drugs and 46% wouldn’t know where to go for information. The school’s current policy states that it should provide information about drugs online — these results paint a different picture.


What's the solution?

3 key solutions:

  1. Request LSE updates its Student Drug Policy, specifically section 1.2 to provide information for students that aren’t just addiction based. Additionally to add to the policy the need for a drugs councillor/expert to be present on campus pro rata to answer questions for student.
  2. Lobby LSE to encourage them to have more open and frank discussions about drug and drug usage with their students on Freshers week.
  3. Additionally, lobbying LSE for funding in order for the SU to continue this work

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