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The Saw Swee Hock building, home of LSESU

Referendum Motion

Union General Meeting: 6th December

Should LSE hold a Summer Ball?

Proposed by: William Stein

Seconded by: Hannah Nairn

Describe the issue:

  1. There is a lack of unity across the whole of the LSE student body and wider community
  2. There is a sense of loneliness among LSE students
  3. There are few flagship events which are not AU club or department specific
  4. Few opportunities for students to meet outside of the lecture room or classroom
  5. There are a lack of events which are attractive to people who don’t drinks
  6. There is a lack of interaction between members across the LSE community (students, staff, faculty and alumni) making it harder for good ideas /inforomation to spread


  • Large scale music festivals have been found to intensify existing friendships (Wilks, 2009)
  • Attachment to a place is founded from the social network built at the place (Massey, 1994)
  • The Beaver’s survey on loneliness found that those who felt as though they are involved at some level, attended LSE events, parties and community spaces like LSE LIFE
  • Student satisfaction has been found to be influenced by social aspects of the university (Universities UK, 2016)
  • Students who enjoyed their experience said it was down to the people they met and the social life. There were no significant differences between institution eyes (NUS & HSBC, 2008)
  • Social interaction are significantly related to the exchange of resources (Tsai & Ghoshal, 1998)

Describe the solution:

  1. Create a flagship LSE Summer Ball open and attractive to all members of the LSE community (students, staff, faculty and alumni)
  2. Create a LSE Summer Ball which provides enjoyment for both those who do and do not like to drink through a range of entertainment
  3. Establish a team of students to organise the ball alongside executive LSESU and LSE staff to provide financial and managerial guidance
  4. This project would be proposed as a collaboration between all LSE branches (SU, LSE LIFE, LSE Alumni, LSE and more)
  5. LSESU acts as a mediator/initiator between all involved parties

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