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Celebration Week

Each and every year the members of LSESU achieve the most amazing feats from delivering world leading conferences to campaigning for sector leading change. The aim of this week is to highlight and celebrate all of these wonderful achievements in style. Each day of the week will focus on a different community of students in the following order: 

Monday - Societies

Tuesday - Sports Clubs

Wednesday - Campaigning, Activism & Academic Reps

Thursday - Teaching Awards

Friday - Union Wide

Make sure you follow our social media channels to keep up today with the announcements, shout outs, awards and more through out the week. 

To find out more about the awards, their criteria and to nominate people, please see below. 

Societies Awards

LSESU societies deliver some of the most creative, innovative, professional and ambitious activities, that sometimes it is easy to question whether these are not just volunteer led activities! That is why we love to take the time to appreciate the range of activities with a whole day and 13 possible awards up for grabs.


Annouced Monday 10th May

Sports Awards

Our determined and hard working AU Sports Clubs deliver high energy, high output and high table results despite being one of the only russell group unviersities to not have a sports department or course at the University. They make training the best is can be and the social times just as fun. How could we not celebrate their achievements outside of the competition when they have made such an effort to provide a community to students this year. 


Announced Tuesday 11th May

Campaigning & Academic Awards

LSE and LSESU are known for leading the way for many things. The number one reason.... making change. Through innovative campaigning, listening ears, empowering voices and disruptive change. Our campaign groups have been leading local and national collectives this year so lets celebrate that power. Including the department based activism being delivered by our ever amazing academic reps.


Announced Wednesday 12th May

LSESU Honours Awards

The Honours are a way to reward the positive impact students have had on the LSE community, giving them the recognition they deserve and celebrating their achievements along the way.


Announced Friday 14th May

The Saw Swee Hock Award

Professor Saw Swee Hock is the inspiring economist, philanthropist and the very man the Students' Union building is named after. This year, he sadly passed away and we wanted to remember him in our celebration week with a special award. More information on this award will be announced after Easter.

Criteria & Nominations

More Info To Come Soon (Links below don't work)

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