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This new student campaign is designed to improve student understanding of issues surrounding practical sex education. We feel that there is a disparity between expectations of student knowledge around topics of sex, contraception, sexual health and bodily health and the reality; especially given many School’s reluctance to teach topics in a sex positive, LGBTQ+ inclusive, and gender balanced manner. As such, we are aiming to provide practical educational information in a variety of formats including workshops, videos and publications, collaborating with other SU groups on what students need. We aim to promote better sexual health practices by establishing regular opportunities for students to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases on campus as well as reconsidering the mechanisms for free condom provision on campus in addition to expanding this provision to include dental dams. Alongside this we hope to lobby the general university to create a sanitary product provision across the university. All of these provisions will go alongside educational campaigns to promote their usage and why they are required.