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Students smiling and carrying a 'consent education now' banner at a protest

Rent Strike Now

Join the LSE Rent Strike

If you are intending to join the rent strike by withholding rent for the first time on 2 May, please let us know below. 

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The LSE Rent Strike recognizes that COVID-19 has rendered students across the country helpless in the face of inflated rent prices, which do not accurately represent the return received for such costs. Taking action through a rent strike allows students to be heard where alternate processes of complaint do not generate results. Students should not be neglected, as has been the case. We have suffered injustice at the hands of the LSE; we were actively encouraged to return to halls of residence only to receive a substandard experience, especially with regard to in-person lessons, access to halls amenities, treatment by halls staff, quarantine food provisions and mental health support. Students have been last of all to be considered throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and we will not settle for such treatment. Rent prices no longer align with the product we are sold. Justice for students!


1. A 30% reduction of rent for those choosing to live in LSE halls of residence

2. No repercussions for rent strikers

3. No-penalty contract releases and deposit refunds for all students

4. No staff redundancies

5. Proper quarantine food and mental health support (catering for all dietary requirements)

6. Open the Books: access to the university's finances regarding rent payments: where does the money go?

7. Student Democracy: there should be students involved in the management of the university's finances

8. Our license agreements should be turned into tenancy agreements

9. Solidarity with the LSESU: 1) A financial contribution from LSE towards our tuition fees (e.g. partial refund) 2) the LSE should lobby the government to help provide financial assistance and student loan write-offs for affected students 







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