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So, how do you start?

1. Start Campaigning

So, how do you start?

Find out more about our current campaigns

We've supported students to run several successful campaigns in the past, which might give you inspiration or help you to start your own.

Visit our current campaigns page here

Get in touch

Ready to push for change? Let us know. 

If you don't have a concrete idea but rather just an inkling of something that needs changing, send us an email and we can walk through possible avenues of implementation. 

If you already have a concrete idea of your campaign, have a read and work through the Campaigns Toolkit. Then, send us an email and we can arrange a time to chat through your plan.

Who knows, your idea could turn into a campus-wide campaign, or used to form Union policy on a certain topic.

Want to discuss further? Whatever your cause, get in touch by emailing:

campaign TOOLKIT

We have written a campaign toolkit that will help you build your campaign: 

Download Campaigns Toolkit 



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