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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023


The LSESU Chocolate Society is a society for all who share a passion for chocolates. If you enjoy chocolates, there is definitely a place for you here.

This society is currently dormant. If you would like to restart the society, please see the process on this page.




Chat with us

About us

Chocolate society aims to create a community of fellow chocolate lovers. We host a range of social events including chocolate tastings and exclusive visits to chocolate shops as well as movie nights and quizzes both with chocolate snacks provided.

We had a very successful year last year. Highlights include visiting Paul A Young Fine Chocolates and trying their innovative popcorn flavoured chocolate, blindfolded chocolate tasting at Melt Chocolates and a midnight ice skating trip featuring hot chocolate. We definitely plan to organise more exclusive opportunities like these for our members! We organised a three-day trip to Switzerland in Lent Term last year with visits to a chocolate factory and a cheese factory. It was a wonderful opportunity to fully immerse ourselves and we look forward to planning our next trip abroad!

We are a fast growing society with ambitious plans for this year so don’t miss out and grab your membership now!


Purchasing a membership will give you access to all or events and discount to any ticketed events we may have. Over the course of the year you'll meet plenty of like-minded and friendly individuals that form our wonderful community and I’m sure you’ll make some friends for life!

Events and Activities

We host a variety of social events occurring bi-weekly throughout the year with other seasonal events or collaborations with other societies organised outside of these. Naturally all our events revolve around chocolate and these include:

  • Chocolate Tastings
  • Chocolate Shop Visits
  • Chocolate Making/Decorating
  • Movie nights and Quizzes

And more! We always look for suggestions from our members for event ideas

Contact Us

We are really excited to welcome you as a new member into Chocolate Society and we've created a dedicated WhatsApp group chat for any questions you have. We're also hosting Zoom calls on Thursday 24th September and Friday 25th September from 9am to 5pm where you'll also be able to come and ask questions. Just click on the links below: