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Pool and Snooker

Looking for a fun way to spend your time? Look no further. With a strong sense of community and a fiery will to win, the LSE Pool & Snooker Club is a family you will not regret joining!

About us

Established in 2016 and restored in 2022, the LSE Pool and Snooker Club is one of the up and coming clubs you can join in the SU. During this short span of time, we have expanded our club to over 30 members of diverse background and experience; creating a really warm, welcoming and inclusive environment for our members.

As a small club, we pride ourselves on our tight knit community, inviting everyone to join in and become part of our growing group of dedicated members. Regardless of your skill level, high or low, we promise that you will not be out of place in the club!

For more experienced players and keen beginners, you will definitely get the chance to compete with the team and represent LSE in national tournaments. We participated in various competitions during the season, and all of them are held outside of London. The competitions consist of both individual and team brackets and year on year our players are able to place incredibly high in the tournaments. In 2019, we had members reaching the Last-16 of the BUCS National 9-ball Tournament and at the Leeds Championships our 1st team won the Vase trophy, our first tournament victory so far. Last year, our team participated in the Southern Universities Pool Championship after the club's re-establishment in Nov 2022.

Despite the intense competition, the tournaments provide are really fun and fulfilling break from the LSE grind - who knows, you might even return with a medal in hand. Most of us have looked back and singled these out as our most enjoyable experiences in the LSE.


Our membership is at £8.00. This membership gives access to our monthly sessions and other events. you will be able to play with our committee members and other experienced members. 

Events and Activities

To sum up, by joining us, you will get:

  • Access to our events and socials
  • Heavily subsidised competition joining fees for competitive members
  • The chance to watch and meet world class professionals (Our team met Ronnie O’Sullivan before)
  • To be part of a tight knit family during your time here at the LSE!

Contact Us

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Instagram: lse_pool_snooker

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