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LSE Athletics & Running group

Football - Women's

Interested in casual training sessions? Or competitive University of London league games? Or great social life with girls who like to party as hard as they play? We have it all!

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About us

The Women’s Football Club, also known as WFC, is one of the best clubs you will come across on campus. If you have not had the opportunity to play before, retired your boots and shin pads to the back of your wardrobe, or have been playing since you came out the womb, we would love to have you. We have been known to attract highly esteemed and decorated athletes of other sporting disciplines, who simply wanted to try something different, arguably better, and haven’t looked back.

Not only will you be part of a highly skilled footballing team, but you will also be warmly welcomed to our weekly socials and fundraising activities. Whether you love the clubs and partying into the night or prefer a few quiet drinks instead, we have something for everyone. The great social life associated with joining WFC on and off the pitch is something really quite special. More than a community, the WFC has become a family; a group of girls whose relationships grow deeper than just on the football pitch.

Come see us at the Welcome Fair to find out more! You will not regret being part of the WFC family.


Like all AU clubs, there is a fee for being a part of WFC. We use this money to run the club. This includes the cost of travel to matches, referees, coaches, pitch hire, participation fees for league matches, match kits, socials, and other equipment. 

  • Full membership: £80 - this allows you to play all league games (if you play in the competitive teams), attend Sunday trainings (both if you play competitively or recreationally), reclaim for match day travel expenses, partial reimbursement of tournament prices, and attend socials!
  • Social membership: £30 - this allows you to attend Wednesday night socials and join us for AU flagship events like Carol and AU Ball (no actual playing football).

As a member, you'll get the opportunity not only to represent LSE but you'll also meet loads of like-minded, dedicated and awesome individuals that will become your friends for life.

Events and Activities

Over the course of the year we host a wide number of events:

  • Training once a week open to all levels (at Market Road Pitches, Sundays from 16.00 to 18.00)
  • BUCS matches on Wednesday (for first and second team players)
  • Weekly gym sessions (open to all)
  • Monthly futsal sessions in marshll Building (open to all)
  • International tournament in Paris (open to all)
  • Club socials every Wednesday before going clubbing for Sports Night - e.g. going out to dinner, mini golf, wine nights, potluck dinners, going to the pub, outdoor BBQs, and much more!
  • WFC's role as the life of the party at all athetic union events such as Carol and AU Ball.

2023/2024 Committee

President: Vivien Equestre - (inbox is open to answer your questions! or at

Vice President: Madeleine Osborn

Secretary: Ana Van Der Ree

Treasurer: Emma Torossian

1st Team Captain: Libby Lovatt-Clarke

Vice 1st Team Captain: Laia Gomez

2nd Team Captain: Oriana de Pomereu

Social Secretary: Ava Kondazi

Outreach Officer: Matilda Creed

Contact Us

The committee is really excited to welcome new members to WFC this year. We can't wait to meet you all!