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The Saw Swee Hock building, home of LSESU

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Candidate for the position of LGBTQ+ Officer



Live, love, laugh, slay.

Hi everyone! I’m Soryoung, a 1st year LLB Law student. In school, I co-founded BAME Society, founded Socioeconomic Diversity Committee, and co-chaired the LGBTQ+ Inclusion Committee; I have extensive experience advocating for minority students, planning events to spread awareness and celebrate diversity, and working to bridge student/staff initiatives, promoting collaboration. I am resilient and focussed, and would listen to every concern, working tirelessly until its amelioration. 

I have three key aims:
1. Rejoin Stonewall
LGBTQ+ rights cannot be promoted when LSE has disaffiliated from its commitment. I would raise awareness in the student body, mobilising an irrefutable campaign, whilst targeting the financial rationale of LSE’s disaffiliation, lobbying alumni and potential donors.

2. A tangible shift in culture
Joining university, I felt alone and unsure of how people viewed queerness. Although joining LGBTQ+ Society has helped, I still feel the culture at LSE, though tolerant, is not necessarily welcoming. Cultural change comes from exposure, celebration, and normalisation; I would work to diversify institutions, e.g. ConsentEd, Freshers' Events, course-specific events.

3. Promote intersectionality

With experience advocating for different minority groups, I am well-placed to understand the unique struggles of specific communities; I would implement regular events promoting intersectionality, such as weekly discussion groups and socials for communities within the LGBTQ+ one.

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