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The Saw Swee Hock building, home of LSESU

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Candidate for the position of Women's Officer

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Tito Molokwu

Intersectionality? Accessibility? Let it be so! Vote Tito.

Hi! I'm Tito, the current Women's Officer of the LSESU!

During my term I have been responsible for:

  • starting The Women's Officer Team where students can work alongside me in the fight for women.
  • starting @LSEWOMEN where students can find online updates, resources and information about women's issues.
  • starting Women's Town Halls in partnership with Sarah Trotter (the LSE Advisor to Women Students) where students can raise women's issues to me which I then raise with the SU.
  • securing funding for drinks covers at Sway and Tuns to prevent spiking.

When re-elected I aim to:

1. Continue to grow the Women's Officer Team through using student talent, passion and voices to help me fight for women.

2. Work with the SU to build the EDI workshops and ensure they are intersectional and accessible.

3. Use @LSEWOMEN to establish a virtual women's buddy system where students can get from campus to halls safely when staying on campus late.

4. Finish the fight I started for menstrual health conditions to be considered as specific exam extenuating circumstances. 

5. Make Women's Week even more philanthropic, reaching a wider scope of charities that support a more diverse range of women.

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