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Candidate for the position of Activities and Communities Officer

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Katherine Velastegui Córdova

Improvement. Intersectionality. Innovation. All power to the students!

I'm Kat (she/her), MSc. student in International Migration and Public Policy! As an international student myself, I care deeply about the LSE's students finding a sense of belonging and making the most of their time inside and outside the classrooms! I am part of LSE's Latin American Society and EDI Ambassador at the European Institute.

My plan?


-Facilitating a smooth process for YOU to advocate for your community and create actionable social change on local, national, and international issues - the sky's the limit!

-Actively supporting and strengthening current LSE extracurricular activities.


-Ensuring marginalised students are provided financial assistance to pursue their participation in extracurricular activities, aiming to make LSE’s communities safe and accessible for ALL.

-Working hand-in-hand with Student Representatives to assure LSE's diverse community needs are heard and met.


-Uplifting YOUR voice and taking action. Ideas, suggestions, or concerns? I’m here to listen.

-Providing creative solutions, concrete action plans, and most importantly, reclaiming ALL POWER TO THE STUDENTS!

Why me?

I have always been passionate about standing up for what's right. I reckon my openness, and experience in activism, student politics, and advocacy can help you organize and lead incredible activities on campus! I firmly believe that through organization and collective action, building a better student community is possible.


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