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The Saw Swee Hock building, home of LSESU

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Candidate for the position of General Secretary



Let's keep LSE in Check Vote Karan for Gen Sec.

The international student community is symbolic of the diversity at LSE. There is currently a void for a unified voice for their collective needs. I strongly believe that my vast experience as an advocate and holder of numerous student-centric university administrative positions for the past six years (presently serving as an NUS delegate at the LSESU and academic representative for the LLM cohort) will allow me to effectively cater to student concerns.

I promise to strive for - 

Inclusive Policies for Student Success

  • Improve accountability for policies such as exam deferrals and extensions
  • Provide mandatory seminar recordings and transcripts across departments
  • Increase representation of LGBTQ+, Disability, BAME and Diversity officers on core decision-making posts
  • Ensure active participation of underprivileged sections and minorities
  • Lobby for prompt and tailored mental health support

Student Empowerment: Support, Aid and Placement

  • Expand off-campus support schemes
  • Increasing the ambit of university placements
  • Tapping into London's extensive inter-college and employment networks
  • Advocate for accommodation-support schemes
  • Push for subsidised meal schemes

Unifying our Diverse Community: Fostering Collaboration and Support

  • Create a community hub for inter-society communication and alumni networks
  • Establish a society collaboration fund for intersectional celebrations
  • Construct a university-wide family/buddy system for closer student connections

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