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Candidate for the position of Women's Officer

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Lottie Lewis

Listening, Engaging, Changing, Fundraising: Vote Lottie for Women's Officer

Dissatisfied with your experiences as a woman at LSE? 

After my drink was spiked at an AU Sports' Night, I reached out to LSE for support. The infrastructure to support victims of assault and harassment was unorganised and confusing, failing to meet the needs of the student body. 

In my second year, I joined HandsOff, starting an anti-spiking campaign to ensure that StopTopps are available in Sway. 

My 3 key aims are: 

1. Continue the campaign for anti-spiking measures at LSE events, including AU Carol and AU Ball. 


2. Lobby LSE to provide better provisions for victims of sexual assault and harassment, on and off campus, with a particular focus on systems for reporting. 


3. Campaign to expand the availability of pads and tampons to the library.


The issue of period poverty, exacerbated by the cost of living crisis, particularly affects those from low-income backgrounds. LSE is lagging behind other London universities on this issue. I hope expanding the availability of period products to the library will ease the burden on students commuting and living in private accommodation

I hope to work with LSE's societies to hold inclusive socials, and work in partnership with LSE AU to raise money for local women's charities. 


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