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The Saw Swee Hock building, home of LSESU

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Candidate for the position of Activities and Communities Officer

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I’m Chris, running to be your ACTIVITIES&COMMUNITIES OFFICER to build on my accomplishments as the AU President. Inspired by our students’ diversity and passion, I’m driven to bolster what is achievable when individuals are supported to self-express and create together. My Presidency has equipped me with the expertise to deliver projects elevating LSE’s extra-curricular environment. I’ll positively influence LSE’s culture, focusing on:



  • Empowerment: Local volunteering projects, female engagement, and leadership initiatives, encouraging autonomous sponsorships
  • Precedents: Drawing from boosting AU socialising to similarly revitalise LSE’s arts (music, drama etc.)
  • Lobbying: For improved funding and holding powers that be more accountable for their student support



  • Leverage: Bolder interdependent events (e.g., Cultures Fair) capitalising on existing relationships (e.g. RAG, Loose Media)
  • Synthesis: Connecting with UoL, diversifying our activity offering and opportunities
  • Externals: Discovering strategic partnerships which boost our community



  • Accessibility: Building from on the engagement cultivated in the AU to benefit underrepresented groups (Postgraduate, Parasports, Mental Health Initiative, LGBT-themed events)
  • Social-Media: Emulating AU innovations in documenting the SU as a haven for exploring extra-curricular passions/experiences
  • Attitudes: Encouraging balance by promoting a more adventurous spirit through social media, events, support, campaigns

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