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Candidate for the position of Social Mobility & Class Officer

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"Turner new corner for social mobility"

  1. Develop LSE’s social mobility assistance for freshers

    • One of the biggest challenges for students is the actual cost of leaving home. I will campaign for LSE to offer ‘leaving home bursaries’ to ease the cost of transitioning into London, to be received before freshers arrive on campus. Additionally, I will encourage more published advice regarding LSE living costs.

  2. Establish a task-force to review internal social mobility

    • I will initiate a student-volunteer task-force dedicated to researching internal social mobility barriers at LSE, and then making formal recommendations to lobby the LSE and LSESU with.

  3. Tackle the culture of ‘us and them’ through positive-thinking campaigns

    • The starting point is recognising that there is a gap between rich and poor students at university.

    • I will bridge the gap between these students by developing positive campaigns reinforcing that everyone earnt their place at LSE

    • Endorsements: Drama.