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Candidate for the position of Democracy Committee

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Rafi Ahmed

YOU matter. WE matter. DEMOCRACY matters.

As a member of the Democracy Committee, I will:


  1. Ensure that elections of all societies run in an efficient and fair manner


  1. Review motions set for the Union General Meeting to see if they are in accordance to the Students’ Union’s bylaws and governing documents 


  1. Ensure that the voting processes are accessible to all members


  1. Attend all Union General Meetings and team meetings


  1. Sustain trust in the democratic processes of the LSE Students’ Union.



Why should YOU Vote for me? : 


  1. As Community and Welfare Officer of LSE Passfield Hall, I strived to ensure inclusivity and accessibility of all residents in hall events


  1. As a Student-Staff Liaison Committee member, I prioritized fair and equal representation of all students in my programme.


  1. As a member of two Executive Committees in high school, I was actively involved in the democraticand efficient functioning of societies