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Candidate for the position of Member of Trustee Board

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Aditya agarwal

Be heard, not herded!


Student stitched together by the cultural fabric of 5 different countries and 9 academic institutions before becoming part of the undergraduates, studying Mathematics & Economics. Few impacts: Vice-President of Maths Dept. Social Committee led to the materialisation of the first-ever and successfully executed, Maths Ball alongside committing to mentorship and welfare of LSE community through the SSC.


  • Fine-tune the trustee board meetings to YOUR desires and demands
    • Direct regular meetings with you as the sole priority, from ideas to institutional changes, about you, for you
  • Sustaining the integrity of the LSESU - Transparency and Regulation
    • Keeping you updated on our progress and posted on measures that are implemented
    • Everything is to be short and to-the-point - No lengthy surveys sent en masse
  • Finance and Foresight - Investing in YOU
    • Cooperating together for the best annual budget possible in prioritising your experience and opening more doors to your ideas