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Candidate for the position of Activities & Development Officer



For Fairness, Freedom, Fun and You!

Clubs and societies are the lifeblood of the LSESU. Having been part of several, I recognise this, and want to ensure that the SU does too. As your A&D officer I’ll have an A* approach to deliver on pledges based on three key “Fs”: Fairness, Freedom and Fun, centred on a U: You!


  • Prioritising societies over external organisations when it comes to booking SU space

  • Creating a fully independent body to investigate sexual harassment and assault claims in the AU

  • Developing price and outreach based measures to allow all students to participate fully in clubs and societies regardless of background

  • Assisting clubs and societies in their efforts to become more sustainable


  • Allowing presidents to directly raise issues with me in weekly sessions

  • Imposing stricter deadlines on reimbursement to allow students more freedom and certainty to manage their finances

  • Providing more detailed guides on overcoming SU bureaucracy

  • Empowering student publications and supporting them against institutional barriers


  • Establishing friendly matches within LSE 

  • Widening opportunities for students to perform through organising more open mic nights at Tuns

  • Facilitating more opportunities for clubs and societies to engage non members regularly throughout the year


Drama, PPE, African-Caribbean, Debate, United Nations, Food Cycle, Amnesty international, Futsal