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Candidate for the position of Athletics Union Executive

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Stephanie Zahlan de Cayetti

Vote Steph, winners do it better

I’m part of snow and boxing society and I’m running for AU exec this year 

I feel like, from first year the AU shapes everyone’s uni experience and I want to take advantage of my third year to persue that

As event officers of different societies I already know how to run events with LSE and the LSESU and think that, on top of my motivation, I have the organisational skills to improve the AU in terms of :

Inclusivity :

  • Increase mental health support in sports
  • Increase respect within sports (gender, sexual preferences, disablilties)

Sports :

  • Try to make LSE a more “sporty” uni by adding more training sessions for those who want to compete in their respective sport
  • Help all teams financially 
  • Increase involvement 


  • Try to make every event as inclusive and accessible as possible 
  • Organise new fundraising events 

Happy to answer any questions !

Vote for me I won’t disappoint (I never do hehe)



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