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Candidate for the position of Community and Welfare Officer



If you want more-a, vote Laura!


I've spent my time at university campaigning for change at LSE including passing the sexual assault motion and helping make the AU safer - but there’s more I want to achieve to ensure our campus is:


  1. Mental health services should work for everyone 
    • Counsellors should reflect LSE’s diversity of religion, ethnicity, sexual and gender identity
    • Ensure maximum two-week waiting time
  2. Sexual violence support should be reformed
    • LSE should have a full-time Independent Sexual Violence Advisor 
    • Introduce provisions for male survivors 
  3. Consistent implementation of Inclusion Plans in every department


  1. Reinvigorate student activism and democracy
    • Increase support and funding for student campaigns and PTOs
    • Improve the UGM motion process
  2. Introduce 'Community Spotlight Awards' for outstanding student contributions
  3. Widen sabbatical officers' remit to include climate action


  1. Make campus open to all
    • Ensure full accessibility in all new LSE buildings
  2. Create better student-centred spaces
    • Include a mindfulness/faith room in the Marshall Building 
    • Make the ARC a fit-for-purpose area for student creativity 
  3. Continue to work towards an AU for all
    • Introduce 'healthy masculinity' week
    • Training to tackle racism, homophobia and sexual misconduct 


Women’s Interfaith Group, Irish, Tennis, Beekeeping, Geography & Environment, Drama, Snow, Sustainable Futures, Lacrosse,  Liberal Democrats, Swimming, Football, Mathematics, Debate, Yoga, United Nations, Netball, Pride Alliance, Men’s Basketball, Labour & Cooperative, Jewish, Hindu, Entrepreneurs, Food Cycle, AMP, Athletics & Running, Amnesty international, Futsal, Dance, Men’s Rugby, Hockey, Ultimate Frisbee, Rowing,