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Candidate for the position of Women's Officer

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Gabriela Krol

Diversity. Equality. Unity. Empowerment!




Hi, my name is Gabriela Krol and I am running for the position of Women’s Officer because I want to represent all women at LSE regardless of their background!


If elected I would aim to:

  • Ensure serious measures are taken against any form of gender disrespect or discrimination and encourage students to engage in activism both at LSE  and outside;
  • Work closely with other part-time officers to ensure full representation and equality for all groups and spheres at LSE;
  • Continue to support the provision of free menstrual products in all gender toilets.

I think these aims will have a positive impact on our LSE community because they will lead to greater gender equality and awareness.

Thank you for reading my manifesto and feel free to chat with me about those ideas!