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Candidate for the position of Community and Welfare Officer



Hi, I’m Laura Dowling, an International Relations student running for Community and Welfare Officer. Originally from Birmingham, I am friendly, approachable and committed to using my two years’ experience as a Club and Society Assistant to create positive and sustainable changes to our community.

I aim to do this by:

· Creating designated ‘calm-zones’ across campus dedicated to mindfulness and creativity, allowing those who find London and LSE overwhelming to find a quiet place.

· Organise informal drop-in group sessions, where individuals can come together to discuss challenges they are facing such as culture shock and to share their coping mechanisms.

· Establish an inclusive freshers week of fun activities (that runs alongside the current freshers week) such as a board games night and an outdoor adventure trail to ensure that that there is something for everyone, acknowledging that not drinking alcohol is a personal as well as cultural choice, and that large crowds and clubs can be overwhelming for some.

· Use my experience of working on Wind Down Wednesday projects to increase participation through better advertisement of activities, setting up separate activities for those unable to make Wednesday due to post-graduate classes or sports training


Women’s Rugby, PPE, India, Hayek, Pole Fitness, Pakistan Development, South Asia,