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Candidate for the position of Member of Trustee Board



Trust me for the Trustee Board!

My name is Edouard, and I’m running to become Member of the Trustee Board. I currently sit on the Student Union’s Executive committee and I believe it is important to have an experienced SU member in this role for a better understanding of the legal, strategic and financial health of the Students' Union.

If elected, I promise to:

  • Use my past experience on the Executive committee to voice our ideas on the board and to make sure the SU continues to find ways to further benefit the students and its staff.  Such as help widen the variety of products in LSESU catering outlets as to include cheaper and more varied options; or create an exchange plateform.
  • Integrate advice from exterior academics and professionals to ensure the Union remains both financially viable and activities are all legally permissible through diverse opinions and advice.