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Candidate for the position of Education Officer



Aspire, Inspire, Achieve...


If I am elected as your Education Officer, I promise to support students in their journey of learning causes of things. I consider taking the following steps:

  1. Bring orientation and induction to a new level; 

  2. Support students in tailoring their studies to their professional needs;

  3. Conduct weekly “Speak-up” events, which will provide a platform for students to raise awareness of the issues they experience in their education;

  4. Support students in overcoming any obstacles they encounter on their way to academic excellence;

  5. To guarantee that students are provided with a better (more detailed) feedback on their assignments;

  6. Guarantee improvements to student services;

  7. Conduct monthly debates on different socio-economic topics;

  8. Organize university-wide intellectual games/competitions that will help students to show their knowledge, abilities, and strength.


I will also assure that students will receive support not only with their educational efforts, but also careers by:

  1. Ensuring that students can get more support from careers consultants team;

  2. Providing students with a detailed guidance on how to apply for different work opportunities in UK, both before the start of their program and during their studies;

  3. Organizing events and workshops that will help students to prepare for interviews and assessment centers.