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An Introduction to CSR with David Logan

Wednesday 06 December 2017

3:30pm - 5pm


An Introduction to CSR with David Logan

The CSR and Ethical Business Society is hosting the talk "An Introduction to CSR with David Logan," the Co-founder of the global sustainability consultancy Corporate Citizenship. He will be introducing corporate social responsibility and sustainability in business, and will be exploring the origins of business ethics from a historical and political perspective. The talk will be followed by a Q&A.

David Logan co-founded Corporate Citizenship Company in 1997. Previously, he served as Director of Special Programs of Levi Strauss & Co, where he supported the Corporate Responsibility and Ethics Committee. Over his last 15 years in consultancy, he has specialised in helping many US and European companies internationalise their citizenship programmes. He has also worked on child labour and socially responsible sourcing for major companies such as The Gap Inc., Marks & Spencer, Cadbury Schweppes. 

Mr. Logan has worked on CSR issues in Europe, the USA and more than 20 emerging markets of Africa, Asia and Latin America. 

He is also the author of several major studies, including "Global Corporate Citizenship - Rationale and Strategies" and "The Business Response to HIV/AIDS: Innovation & Partnership". He is also Senior Visiting Fellow in Corporate Responsibility at the University of Manchester Business School and the City University Graduate School Center for the Study of Philanthropy in New York.