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Space Force: Militarisation of Space

Tuesday 04 December 2018

6pm - 7pm


Space Force: Militarisation of Space


Donald Trump ordered the Pentagon to create a space force branch to the US military earlier this year. China created its own military division for space in 2014. Both America and China, along with Russia have been testing anti-satellite weaponry. On this backdrop, the UK announced its Defence Space Strategy earlier this year.

Join us for our final event of Michaelmas term in welcoming Alexandra Stickings of the Royal United Services Institute who will discuss these worrying trends in an examination of the militarization of space!

Ms. Stickings will examine the necessity for a defense space strategy within the UK, and explore the global phenomena of space becoming a potentially devastating new frontier of conflict.

We look forward to seeing you there! Please note that you must be a member of ISS to attend. Membership can be bought (for only £3!) here.