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A statement from you Welfare and Liberation Officer regarding the Marshall building encampment

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Dear all, 


I did not include myself in the prior statement with my fellow Sabbatical Officers, as I am currently one of the students who are occupying the Marshall Ground Floor. 


I have chosen to do so for numerous ethical and personal reasons, as this is a cause that is very close to me. 


Firstly, in solidarity and recognition of the internationally recognised genocide on Palestinian students at the hands of the Israeli government, supported by multiple governments including our own. The situation unfolding before our eyes is horrific and, as a student myself, I am unable to sit idly by whilst these atrocities take place. 


Secondly, I stand firmly with students exercising their right to protest and make their voices heard. Historical moments of progression have been accompanied by similar action, and students have always been a place of change and innovation, especially at LSE.


Thirdly, I see this as a moral obligation. As I write to you today, the death toll has reached an estimated 35,000 people; this is an unimaginable number. The Israeli government has continued its indiscriminate attacks on Gaza harming the lives of, not just Palestinians, but Israeli hostages too. I also want people to recognise that behind every number is a life, hope dreams and fears – people just like us.


My role as Welfare and Liberation Officer sees me doing just that – advocating for the welfare and liberation of students everywhere. I will continue to support the student occupation until their demands have been met and LSE divest completely.


“Believers, stand up as Allah’s witnesses for justice even if it’s against yourselves, parents or relatives, and regardless of whether a person is wealthy or poor, Allah has more right to your loyalty than they. Therefore, do not follow your desire instead of being just. If you distort the truth or refuse to give testimony, Allah is aware of what you do.”